Berkowitz pillar candle


Inspired by Leon Berkowitz’s gradient paintings, our rectangular pillar candles are made from 100% plant pigment infused beeswax. They are poured by hand so the color gradient is unique to each candle.

Leon Berkowitz candles measure 25x6.5x4.5 cm and contain approximately 1200g of wax

 Our beeswax is sourced from a European ethical beekeepers association. We are committed to only using materials that do not harm the environment, everything is made in-house in our studio in the Garraf region of Spain. 

Every candle is unique in its shape, size and color as everything is made by hand using plant pigments which can sometimes produce an unpredictable variation in color. Beeswax candles drip when they burn, plant pigments can accelerate burn times and interfere with the wick causing tunneling, this is a normal characteristic of copito candles. 

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