Vide Dressing "Treasured Goods"

I met Sandra in the infancy of this project... since then, we’ve spent countless hours exchanging ideas and discussing second hand kids fashion. Clearly she’s got amazing taste and seriously cute kids, but the girl’s also got an amazing heart and is as excited about buying second hand clothes for her kids as we are. Masive thanks to Sandra for sharing her clothes and thoughts with us.

We had a little chat, here it is in spanish. English after the jump!

¿Como te llamas, y tus hijos? ¿Cuantos años tienen?

Me llamo Sandra Piedra, y los niños se llaman Gabriel y Marcel, de 3 y 1 año respectivamente.

 ¿Donde vivís y que es lo que te gusta más de ahí?

Vivimos en Manresa, una ciudad pequeña a una hora de Barcelona. Nos gusta porque está a tocar de la urbe, y estamos en contacto directo con la naturaleza. El ambiente de “pueblo” creemos que es el más adecuado para que los niños crezcan.

¿Cuáles son tus marcas de moda infantil favoritas?

Bobo Choses lover! Aunque cada dia me gusta más TAO.

¿Puedes compartir tu mayor consejo para proteger el medio ambiente en el día a día?

Pequeños gestos constantes y mucha conciencia!

El reciclaje de ropa de hermano mayor a hermano pequeño ¿que tal lo habéis logrado?

Perfecto! A parte de que ambos han nacido en la misma época del año y son de constitución parecida. Marcel ha podido aprovechar toda la ropa que con tanto amor compré a Gabriel. Me encanta que le haya dado una segunda vida, y que ahora otros niños la puedan seguir disfrutando.

¿Porque has querido hacer un vide dressing? Habla nos un poco de las piezas en tu colección

 El vide dressing me ha parecido una idea súper atractiva ya que como he dicho, en su momento elegí la ropa que ahora vendo con mucho amor y cuidado. Soy muy amante de la moda, y estas piezas me parecen auténticas mini obras de arte. Cada una tiene su história y recuerdos muy bonitos.



What's your name and what are your kids' names? How old are they?
I'm Sandra Piedra, and my kids' names are Gabriel and Marcel, they are 3 and 1 respectively.
Where do you live and what do you love most about living there?

We live in Manresa, a small city an hour outside of Barcelona. We love it because it's urban but we're also surrounded by nature. It's got a real village feel which we feel is super important for bringing up kids in. 

What are your favorite kids fashion brands?

I'm a Bobo Choses lover! Although every day i love The Animals Observatory more and more.

Could you share your best piece of advice for looking after our planet on a day to day basis?

Small, consistent daily action and lot of thought! 

How has recycling clothes within your own family worked out?

Perfect! In addition to the fact that the boys were born at the same time of year, they have the same build. Marcel has been able to wear all of the pieces I so lovingly bought for Gabriel. I love that I've managed to give them two lives, and that other kids will now be able to wear and enjoy them like we did!

Why did you decide to do a vide dressing with us? Tell us a bit about this collection.
 I found the vide dressing idea to be a really good one, and like I mentioned before, I chose these clothes and now sell them with a lot of love and care. I love fashion, and these pieces are super authentic little pieces of art. Each one has a story and beautiful memories embedded in its fabric.