Moja pillar set


This colorblock pillar candle set is made using 2,5kg of our two variations of beeswax. It was inspired by the carpentry and light from our new studio in Moja. The candles are hand poured so the color block placement will vary. 

The set is made up of three candles which measure approximately 25x12 cm, 19x12 cm, and 12x12 cm. 
Their burn times are 20, 18 and 10 hours respectively.

Our beeswax is sourced from a European ethical beekeepers association. We are committed to only using materials that do not harm the environment, everything is made in-house in our studio in the Garraf region of Spain. 

Every candle is unique in its shape, size and color as everything is made by hand using plant pigments which can sometimes produce an unpredictable variation in color. 

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