Vide Dressing "Mi Corazón"

Liat and I crossed paths on Instagram recently and unsurprisingly, instantly connected. At first glance, we don't have that much in common but motherhood and children's clothes are a very strong connective thread. We've been in constant contact, slowly getting to know each other through this collaboration and here's what I've learned about her... Liat is incredibly sweet and relentlessly positive. She's a mother of 3 very young children, all under the age of 5! She adores her kids, she lives for her family and her community.

Some people might find it hard to make sense of their cultural identity, Liat is not one of those people. She was raised in a Kibbutz, a collective community, unique to Israel. She decided to name this collection after her daughter Libby (hebrew for "my heart".) Her impeccable taste speaks volumes through her beautifully curated instagram feed and the clothes she dresses her children in.

I will let you read more about her upbringing in her interview below. Thank you Liat, for sharing your story and your beautiful clothes with us!

What's your name, age and your children's names and ages?

My name is Liat, I am 33 years old and I’m married to Michael. We have 3 children - Jonathan (four and a half), Anna (three) and Libby (eleven months).

Where are you from? And where do you live?

I am originally from Israel and now live in Barcelona.

Describe yourself in a few words

I love life. I believe that we should live in the moment and make the best out of every situation. I also believe that you should always go for your dreams.
I love our little family, sometimes it’s hard but they bring me so much joy 😍

The things I love the most, not necessarily in this order are food, travel and fashion.


When you were little, how did you/your parents dress you?

I grew up in a kibbutz (google it😜) so I dressed like everyone else because there was a shared storage space with clothes for all ages. Every season we used to pick 5 sets of everyday clothes and one fancy set for Shabbat and return them after the season was over. For special occasions my mom used to buy us clothes from the “outside world”.


Do you have a favorite children’s clothing brand or do you gravitate towards a specific style?

My current favorites are Mini Rodini, Tiny cottons, Bobo choses, Hugo loves tiki, The animals observatory and many others 😍 I used to like unisex monochrome style but now I’m more into colors and patterns.

What are your feelings towards sustainability and do you have examples of how you and your family try to lessen your impact on the planet?

I believe that sustainability is very important and we do try to lessen our impact on the planet by separating our trash and recycling, not using plastic bags- there are some gorgeous shopping bags made from fabric 😍 also we are trying very hard to buy less 🙈

Tell us a little bit about your collection... do you have any favorite pieces?

This collection is pure tiny cottons 😍 they have the most amazing colors and textures! And very high quality which in my opinion makes it worth paying a bit more. My favorite pieces have to be the Knit baby pants and the llama one piece.