Introduction to making beeswax candles workshop


In this 120 minute workshop, I will teach you the fundamentals of making beeswax candles. Upon purchasing the workshop, you will be prompted to download a PDF workbook which includes a link to the recording as well as a list of materials you will need to make your own candles, safety information, resources for sourcing wax and pigments, and step by step instructions for infusing your wax with color, making both dipped and molded candles. 

During our workshop I will cover:

- Tools needed to make your candles at home, alternative options to professional tools which will allow you to experiment before committing to buying expensive equipment

- Safety measures working with wax, heat and pigments. Melting points, avoiding air bubbles or thinning

- How to infuse your beeswax with natural pigments

- What types of wick you can use and which are most effective for different types of candles

- How to make dipped, tapered candles

- How to make candles using molds

- Cleaning tips 

 Please note that this workshop is intended for learning to work with pigments and wax to create your own candles, it is not a license to copy my exact candle designs. I am aware there are professionals interested in learning this craft for profit, that is ok but please refrain from copying our less conventional designs such as our zig zag candles or our two toned geometrical candles.

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