Making crayons workshop


In this 120 minute workshop, I will teach you to make a variety of crayons. I go over pigment options that range from toddler-safe to UV resistant, where to purchase them and how to forage for and process pigments from earth and plants. I cover melting points, wax options, and other important information about working with wax and pigments which can be applied to other disciplines. Upon purchasing this workshop, you will receive a PDF with the following:

- A link to view the recording of this workshop indefinitely

- Tools needed to make your crayons

- Safety instructions for working with pigments and aluminum salts

- Information about different types of natural pigments, where to forage or purchase them and how to process them

- information about different types of wax, their melting points, why I use them and where to source them 

- step by step instructions for creating your own lake pigments and a 30 second video illustrating each step

- step by step instructions for processing earth pigments and a 60 second video illustrating each step

- step by step instructions for making your crayons

- cleanup instructions and additional references and resources

 Please note that this workshop is intended for learning to work with pigments and wax to create your own crayons, it is not a license to copy my carved crayon design. I am aware there are professionals interested in learning this craft for profit, that is ok but please design your own products and packaging.

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