Plant-dyed gift wraps (single)


Plant dyed re-usable gift wraps made in our home studio practice in the garraf forest. The fabrics are sourced locally from a dead stock warehouse, made from 100% natural fibers. They are mordanted, cut and dyed using food waste and plant extracts.

approximate sizing: 

S: 36 x 36 cm   M: 60 x 60 cm   L: 69 x 69 cm   XL: 73 x 73 cm

colors are made from the following: 

seashell: avocado stones, tierra: catechu extract, sand: avocado stones, peach: avocado stones and black tea, acorn: garraf acorns

The fabric seam is raw and has not been finished on purpose, there are variations in the fabric consistent with the natural dyes.

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